Choosing The Most Effective Cast Iron Skillet

Hubby mentioned this was one of the best steak he’d had in a long time, and that it had an ideal crust on either side. His steak was 1.25″ thick and I cooked it on 7.5 out of 10 . At the highest you write about “pan-searing is often step one, and you then end the cooking within the oven.” What am I missing? I don’t see any information about the way to end the cooking… in the oven.

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Nothing beats a great set of stainless and that is from a man who loves cast iron. Sounds like you’ve realized the exhausting method that you have to spray the sides of the skillet, too. As far as the gunk on the underside, I often let the pan cool whereas we’re eating then wash as a lot gunk off as I can. To get rid of the remainder, dump any water out of the pan and sprinkle on some Barkeeper’s Friend.

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