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In actual truth, it’s difficult for something to go wrong through the cooking means of the shoulder. As long as you know the way to change the oven on and off, you’ll impress anybody with a tasty lamb shoulder. Heat the olive oil and butter in a roasting tin on the hob and flippantly brown the mutton shanks on all sides. Tip the chopped vegetables into the roasting tray and soften gently within the fats, then add the mushrooms and lightly color. Pour in the Madeira, the wine, the orange zest and juice and the lamb stock.5.

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For this lamb shoulder recipe we’re preparing a boneless lamb shoulder. The style of cooking is much like pork shoulder and beef chuck roast. To make the marinade, de-stem the dried chilies, break them in half and discard the seeds ( you don’t have to remove each single one, a few strays are OK). Break the chilies apart into smaller pieces and add to the blender with the remaining components. Blend until very clean, for a full minute.

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