Food Feminism Fermentation

The Tam-Tams The slope of Mount Royal going through Avenue du Parc has been the location of a colourful impromptu party, recognized merely because the TamTams, each Sunday afternoon in summer for a number of years now. Weather allowing, people of all stripes and ages collect right here in a bohemian environment. Dozens of percussionists settle on the foot of the large monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier—one of the fathers of Confederation— and improvise vigorous world-beat rhythms all through the afternoon. Hordes of dancers groove to the frenzied beat of African congas and other drums, whereas merry crowds of onlookers enjoy picnics or sunbathing on the grass. The interior was redone after a fire and is now a veritable Baroque Revival masterpiece designed by Casimir Saint-Jean that should not be missed.

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