Lamb Leg Steak With Shallots & Red Wine Sauce

This produces a unique style and texture. Pull apart the lamb with two forks & serve with carrots & gravy . Sheep’s head, burned , salted, smoked and cooked. Traditional dish created from a sheep’s head, initially eaten earlier than Christmas.

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The lamb went wonderful on pita bread with hummus and a pumpkin and pearl barley salad. You can even check out our recipe for pulled lamb wraps. I additionally reckon it would go just as properly on a tortilla, white bread or simply with a green salad and potatoes. For pulled lamb you need to goal for an inside temperature of between 195° – 203°F.

Irish Lamb Stew

Also like the idea of the animal having had an extended life too. Anonymous said…I do not keep in mind consuming mutton, but I love lamb! I love pork trotters too,love the collagen in them…

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