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You may also add a drop of rosewater if you like. — made with leftover roast beef — it’s a tragic imitation at finest. Perhaps if we renamed Cottage Pie, Cowherd Pie it will clear up some of the obvious confusion. In reality, here in Spain when I’m fortunate sufficient to have roast kid scraps I call the resulting dish Goatherd Pie – and very scrumptious it is to. For the little question lots of you who for whom egg-sucking and grandmothers involves mind when seeing this recipe, my honest apologies.

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Secretary of State, John Gummer, famously said it was the British public and never the cows that had gone mad. Douglas Hogg, the Minister of Agriculture, was adamant that there was no link between the model new variant CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, the equal disease in humans). In the Government’s desperation to calm the country and present simply how protected British beef was, the Right Honourable Mr Gummer fed his little daughter a beef burger in front of TV cameras.

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Applying the dry ageing process resulted in a product with increased tenderness and flavour; and consumer testing revealed a willingness to pay a 30 per cent premium over wet aged lamb,” he said. Charlie and Eleanor at Haddon Rig are genuine farmers – a role which means a constant reassessment of the way they operate and a constant push to innovate. They’ve tackled issues just like the stigma of hogget and mutton by trialling dry ageing strategies to break down the proteins and surprisingly depart it with a cleaner, yet extra distinguished style. The idea of nose to tail is nothing new but its evolution from a buzz-word to a meaningful philosophy being embraced from paddock to plate is exciting.

Beef Enchiladas

We’d spotted some the day before at the excellent Snape Maltings Farmers’ Market. Mutton is basically older lamb, ie sheep, and so has more flavour though is much less tender. It is technically a minimum of 2 years old, lamb being under 1 and hogget in between the two. The advice from the farmer was to roast it at a decrease temperature and slightly longer than for lamb. I really have since discovered that spring lamb is in season for a number of weeks around Easter when the lamb is round 5 months old. It is named lamb from then on until Christmas time after which it’s called hogget.

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