Mutton & Onion Suet Pudding With Swede

For the champ, bring the milk to the boil with the chopped spring onion. Remove from the heat and add the mashed potatoes, along with the butter, floor white pepper and a pinch of salt.8. For the curly kale, soften the onion with olive oil in a wok or massive frying pan.

Jp Mcmahon: In Ireland, Mutton Was Once Prized For Its Texture, Flavour And Value

Remove from the pan, with the pigs foot and keep warm and to 1 aspect. That’s right, mutton, the meat that your grandparents used to have for Sunday Lunch. Call it Mutton, Hogget or a grown up Lamb, after years of being relegated to your grans eating table, this meat is bound for a revival. Does anyone recall consuming mutton stew on a chilly November night after coming house from school? Or grilled mutton chops with mushy peas? I can’t say I really have any fond memories of eating mushy peas, but mutton chops are something I miss.

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