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Israelis will happily stuff something they can into a pitta, but while falafel, burika and shawarma are commonplace, sabich is the one that is arguably most representative of the country’s history. It was initially a dish eaten by Iraqi Jews on Shabbat morning, but has now turn out to be a well-liked every day staple. The pitta is stuffed with fried aubergine slices, hard-boiled eggs, tahini sauce and Israeli salad, which is a mixture of finely diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and peppers. Hummus certainly deserves its worldwide standing, but it generally means dishes like ful don’t get the recognition they deserve.

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This recipe for the vegetarian meal subs collard greens and spinach for harder-to-find taro leaves. Simmer green beans and chunks of roasted butternut squash till tender in chef Meherwan Irani’s very versatile spiced coconut curry. When it involves transportable consolation meals, consider tamales, too.

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