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So persons are type of exaggerating with this picture of the French taking over the Plateau. Nearby at artisanal bakery and cheese store Le Fromentier, Annie Renaud has not only seen the French wave, she has surfed it. They’re big wine drinkers, no shock, but Therrien stories that while they’ve their go-to French varieties, they’re additionally curious in regards to the worldwide array of wines the SAQ carries. “Ben oui, évidemment,” said Renée Therrien, an worker at the neighbouring SAQ on Laurier., when asked if she gets plenty of French customers. She estimates that “a good 30 per cent, if no more,” of the outlet’s clientele is French.

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Of the outside entrances to the SquareVictoria metro station, the RATP offered the previously loaned gate as a gift to the Société de Transport de Montréal , making it the one authentic Grimard entrance outdoors Paris. From the top of Rue Notre-Dame, the port’s former refrigerated warehouse, made of brown brick, is visible, as well as Île Sainte-Hélène, in the midst of the river. Stroll down the picturesque stone sidewalks of slender Rue Saint-Paul, where you’ll discover a number of artwork galleries.

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At number 268 is Maison Gravel, designed by a Toronto architect named Ralston for an structure competitors, a great instance of the international Bauhaus fashion. This influential faculty of thought from the Nineteen Twenties emphasised functionalism and greatly affected the art and science of architecture. Outremont was once a municipality and has long been a sought-after residential space.

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