Piada Italian Avenue Food

Laos could not have a shoreline, but it’s obtained loads of bountiful rivers , and catfish is a typical catch. Though it may be prepared in a wide selection of ways, and is commonly steamed and put in stews, for this specific presentation the catfish fillets are mixed with rice flour and fried until crispy. A dressing manufactured from fish sauce, chiles, palm sugar, garlic, and a hefty dose of lime juice makes this dish shiny to the purpose of incandescence. Sliced pink onion and yellow mango are different frequent additions, and toppings often embody sliced mint leaves and toasted cashews. At Thip Khao, Luangrath also likes to add diced firm avocado; it’s not conventional, however the creaminess helps to offset the acidity of the dressing, whereas complementing the crispy batter of the fish.

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