The Pros and Cons of catering

In  United States the benefits of catering were appreciated even  40 years ago. Just at the time when Mangia started its operation.

By catering we mean the arrangement of various events and the retail sale of culinary products, as well as event design planning and serving guests. For over 40 years, Mangia has been specializing in providing these services in New York.

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We work not only with private clients but also with companies and organizations.

Types Of Catering:

There are several classifications of catering types. Depending on the service, place and destination there are the following types distinguished:

  • Arrangement of the meal serving at the customer’s area (office lunch delivery, university/school events).
  • Service on-board (e.g., meals during flights).
  • Event Catering(different kinds of celebrations).

According to the completeness of the provision of catering services are divided into two types:

  • Delivery of readymade meals.
  • Full-service (this type includes not only delivery but also decoration, meal serving, customer service, preparation of a celebration scenario).

According to the format of the catering service, there are the following types of catering:

  • buffet;
  • banquet;
  • Swedish table;
  • coffee break;
  • barbecue;
  • gala dinner;
  • wedding catering.

Among the types of catering, banquet and buffet reception are widespread. A banquet is a ceremonial party for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A cocktail party – is a form of joint reception of food, which means, that participants eat while standing, freely choosing the dishes and drinks. How different are these forms of providing catering services from the classic banquet or buffet table, which are held in the restaurant? The difference in the fact is that the organizers and the guests do not go to the party, but “the party comes to them.”

Service consumer groups

There are four main groups of catering services consumers:

  • Companies or educational institutions staff (workers, students who are provided with meals).
  • Public organizations (associations, unions, parents’ committees, planning to conduct training sessions, meetings, graduation parties).
  • Corporate customers (institutions, companies, which need to hold a conference, plenum, or corporate event).
  • Individual customers (those, who organize various celebrations of family plan – birthday or a wedding).

Ordering catering services has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of catering

To the main advantages catering can include the following:

  • free choice of venue for the event;
  • an individual approach to its organizing;
  • customer comfort (there is no need to cook and set tables on your own);
  • the possibility of ordering a complex of services without engaging in its planning

Cons of catering

There are not so many disadvantages to catering, but still, there are some of them:

  • it is necessary to allocate the utility room for placing decorations, dishes, and food;
  • the cost of the event is more expensive than arranging the party on your own.

Why Choose Mangia?

To truly evaluate the benefits of professional catering, you appeal to professional experts in this field. Basic principles of operation of «Mangia» catering company:

  • Using only quality products.
  • Strict adherence to the technology of meal preparation.
  • Create all the necessary conditions for the storage of food supply.
  • Compliance with sanitary norms and rules.
  • High level of professional skills of chefs.
  • A wide selection of exclusive and classic meals.

We successfully carry out all types of catering services. Among our partners, there are hundreds of regular customers. They appreciate our delicious food, flawless decoration, and high level of service.