Use & Care

VanTrece likes to do that while the skillet continues to be heat, earlier than the grime gets a chance to harden or get crusty. “Use some coarse salt and a little water and scrub it with a stiff brush, then dry it utterly,” VanTrece says. We recommend high-smoke point oils for high-heat cooking. Avoid spray oils, though—they use a propellant that damages nonstick coatings. Remember, forged iron not only reaches very hot temperatures — it additionally maintains them thanks to its warmth retention.

Unglazed Ceramic Baking Stones

When it comes to cleaning your stoneware, you should never use soap on unglazed dishes. The soap can get into the pores within the floor of the stone and destroy the layer of seasoning. But take note of what type of metallic baking dish you have. Most metal dishes fall into 4 categories, and all of them will behave in slightly alternative ways within the oven.

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