Why is Live Text in an Email Important?

If you have used a background image as an interactive element to your email, you would be able to put live text over it, improving the accessibility. 

What’s the use?

After so much thought process, you would have built an email list that’s of high quality. If you fail to consider adding essential elements to your email campaign, you won’t get a fruitful result.

If you aren’t sure about building a quality prospect list, here’s a tip for you.

Use Email Finder Tool

For an email marketing campaign to be successful, you must be having an accurately built email list. GetEmail.io is an excellent Email finder tool to locate any business professional’s exact email address format on this planet. 

It uses machine learning and big data mechanisms to find the email format.

You can start with the free plan and then may opt for the paid plan.

If your recipient has images disabled, they won’t see your email.

Images are blocked for many subscribers as a default setting or personal preference. 

If you are a B2B marketing professional, you must consider this while crafting your emails, as blocked images will result in emails that fail to convey the message and don’t create any impact.

Here comes the live text for your rescue!

Even if your prospects have disabled the image, they would see the text; don’t you think this is cool as it allows you to convey your message to people who have images disabled?

This ensures that all your recipients get something from the email.

Avoiding live text can hurt email accessibility.

It’s pretty understandable of the benefits you get by building your text into images. However, when it comes to email accessibility, you can’t replace live texts. 

If a segment of your target audience is visually impaired, they use a screen reader to decode your email. But, if your texts are hidden in the images, they wouldn’t be able to know about what you have to offer. 

The same applies to people who speak different languages – how will they translate your text if it’s a part of the image?

There is a rise in voice assistant usage.

Here’s one more thing that’s worth noticing. Did you know that there is an increase in people that use voice assistants to read their emails?

And voice assistants don’t seem to recognize Alt Text and other HTML attributes. 

Hence, it won’t matter if you set alt text for your image-only emails. For visually impaired people and those relying on voice assistants, it’s going to be blank.

Live Text Makes Your Emails Searchable

Usually, an email recipient remembers insightful or valuable things and wishes to come back to your emails at some point in the future. If you place all your text in the images, your content would no longer be searchable.

However, if you had used live texts in your email, your subscribers would be able to find the content they’re looking for easily.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this insightful. If you are still doubtful about the impact of live text on your email campaigns, I recommend performing an A/B test.

In your next email campaign, create two types of emails; one with image alone and the second one including live text with supporting imagery. 

See the result yourself and let us know the impact of live text on your email marketing campaigns’ ROI.

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